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Emmanuel Boose
Emmanuel Boose is a radio personality, minister, police chaplain, community activist and author. He has the "vision and the voice" to make a difference in our communities. 
Dr. Alveda King
Dr. Alveda King is a civil right activist and a pro-life warrior.  She is also the founder of King for America, Inc.  Dr. King is the daughter of the late civil rights activist, Rev. A.D. King and niece of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
About Changing Your Community Broadcast
Changing Your Community Broadcast is a talk show where people come together to discuss issues such as political action, injustice, public safety, civil rights, poverty, racial reconciliation, education, economic & community development  and much more.  
Our mission is to transform lives and communities.

Where to Listen

​98.3 FM  WDFX  Cleveland, MS (Mississippi Delta - Delta State University)
90.5 FM  WQVI  Madison, MS (Jackson area - Jackson State University)
91.7 FM  WAJS  Tupelo, MS (West Point, Columbus, Starkville - Mississippi State University)
91.5 FM  WJGS  Norwood, GA (most areas outside of Atlanta)
96.9 FM WNKL Rossford/Toledo, OH
1520 AM WNWT Rossford/Toledo, OH
88.3 FM KARJ Boise, ID

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